How do I edit my Chase alerts or delivery preferences?

What are Chase Account Alerts?

Account Alerts are email, text message, or push notification notifications concerning your account. Alerts can be used to remind you of upcoming payments, warn you when your balance hits a certain threshold, and much more. To get started, go to Account Alerts and select the alerts that are suitable for you.

How do I sign up for Chase alerts?

Select Account Alerts to sign up for Account Alerts. We’ll offer you a list of your account’s available notifications, and you may sign up for as many as you like. You’ll have to repeat these steps for each account you want to receive alerts from.

What costs are associated with Chase alerts?

Chase will not charge you anything, but you may be charged for messages and data. Charges from your communications service provider are one example. Your cell phone provider, for example, falls under this category.

How do I edit my Chase alerts or delivery preferences?

You can always make changes to your Account Alerts or delivery preferences anytime.

What Chase account alerts are available to me?

When there is a charge, refund, or other activity on your account, when a balance transfer or payment has posted, to get balance and available credit limit amounts, when a payment is due, or when a payment has posted, you can receive alerts through email, text message, or push notification.

When are Chase account alerts delivered?

Account Alerts are handled at the end of each business day (Monday through Friday), however the time it takes for your alerts to arrive varies depending on the alert type. Some alerts are issued right after a transaction is made on the account. When we notice questionable activity on your account, we send you a fraud alert.

Can I stop my Chase alerts temporarily without deleting my email address or device?

During the time period you specify, we will stop sending you alerts. To adjust your alert settings and preferences, go to Account Alerts, then “Pause Alerts.”

How are alerts different from other messages from Chase?

You have complete control over the alerts you receive and where they are delivered. These notifications are distinct from any other email messages about our products and services, service notices, or special offers that we may send you.

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